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Below is a list of suggested activities and sites of interest that you may find appealing. This list is by no means complete and a lot more information can be found throughout the internet. If there is a particular activity that you would like us to research for you as part of your booking then we will do our best to help. Please contact us here.
Chateau d'HambyeBeaches

The west coast of Normandy which lies approximately 20 minutes from Chateau d'Hambye offers some superb beaches which stretch for several kilometres and are often mostly deserted. Along some of the beaches there are promenades for those that prefer to keep the sand from their feet and are a great place for taking a nice long walk (or short!). The beaches are located at Agon Coutainville, St Martin de Brehal, Granville, St Pair sur Mer, Jullouville and Carolles.

Chateau d'HambyeWater Sports

For those that like to get wet there is a good choice of activities, some inland on the river Vire and others along the west coast, north and south of Granville. Activities include canoeing, kayaking, rowing, sailing, surfing, scuba diving and wind surfing. This website may be useful: click here.

Chateau d'HambyeGolf

There are many beautiful golf courses within Normandy and a great deal of information is available on the internet. This website will tell you about most if not all of the courses situated within Normandy, when at the site click on the map (Normandie): click here.

Chateau d'HambyeHiking & Cycling

The roads around Normandy are generally uncrowded and often empty which makes cycling a pleasure. There are cycle paths to be found one of which (Chemin de Halage) runs along the river Vire from Pont Farcy in the south to the north coast (Isigny-sur-mer), this very picturesque route is also perfect for walkers and can be joined at different points along the river. There are hundreds of graded footpaths across the region which are numbered with a "GR" identification. There is lots of information on the internet including these sites: (walking) (cycling).

Chateau d'HambyeHorse Riding

Normandy loves horses and is well renowned for its links with the equine world. There are many horse riding centres in Normandy and this website will hopefully guide you in the right direction: click here.

The horse racing held regularly at the "Hippodrome(s)" in season, makes a great day out. We found that we were able to wander freely amongst the horses that were taking part and if you like horses we would recommend it.

Chateau d'HambyeFishing

In Normandy there are plenty of fish and fewer anglers chasing them. There are miles of first category waters where trout are plentiful while the lakes (old gravel pits) are the source for some large carp. Then of course there is the sea along the west and north coast of Normandy which offers more fishing opportunities. This website may prove useful: click here, and there is more information to be found by searching google.

Chateau d'HambyeAdventure Activities

If you like your adrenalin levels higher than most then you may be interested in more adventurous pastimes. Bungee jumping amongst other activities can be found at the Viaduc De La Souleuvre, click here for information.

Microlighting over the Mont St Michel may be your idea of fun and this website will maybe encourage you: click here, it's not a great website but clicking "Baptêmes ULM" on the left menu will take you to a page with some idea of prices.

Chateau d'HambyeChannel Islands

There is a passenger ferry service from Granville (amongst others) to Jersey (St Helier) which takes about 70-80 minutes and it is also possible to travel to Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney as well as the French island, Chausey. Fares are at reasonable prices that vary depending upon season. More information can be found here and here.

Chateau d'HambyePlaces of Interest

There are many popular places to visit in Normandy and here are just a few: The "must see" Mont St Michel is a beautiful Benedictine abbey built from around the 11th century. The 11th century Bayeux tapestry is interesting and Bayeux is a very nice town to visit. Within Normandy there are also many memorials and museums dedicated to D-Day and the ensuing battles fought for the liberation of France. The landing beaches on the north coast along with the American War Cemetery (omaha beach) should not be missed. There are beautiful public gardens to visit along with many other sites, Google will reveal lots more information.

Chateau d'HambyeZoos

The zoos at Champrepus and Jurques are very charming and will appeal to animal lovers. Both zoos have feeding schedules to follow and other attractions. In particular the white lions at Jurques are absolutely stunning to watch.

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